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“Tailored” platinum products and accessories Made in Italy

88Labware: a new born brand that means development, production, after-sales service of platinum products and accessories for organic and inorganic analysis.

8853 S.p.A., leading company in Italy with decades of experience in the field of precious metals and semi-finished products, thanks to its own laboratories fitted with the latest generation technologies and to the continuous search for perfection of its founder Mario Villa, is today a reference point also abroad for the quality of its products, all strictly Made in Italy.

88Labware is the new branch of this company and it is a synonym for craftsmanship able to supply its customers with tailor-made products for every need.
Platinum crucibles and accessories for XRF analysis, microanalysis, burning and evaporation (whereas resistance to high temperatures and to chemical attack by acids and fusion mixtures is required), mini-crucibles, dishes (with or without pouring lips, pins on supporting ring, reinforced rims), casting moulds, boats, tongs with shot-blasted platinum shoes, mixers, triangles, electrodes are manufactured in pure platinum or in alloys with Gold, Rhodium, Iridium, Palladium and other precious metals.

Capacities and shapes of our crucibles and dishes are suitable for the various types of automatic and semi-automatic analysis machines on the market.
At the same time professionalism, skill and utmost care of each single product allow 88Labware to meet so many different customers’ requirements, including platinum coating of non-precious metals crucibles.

The range of products includes also Sputtering Targets for PVD, Pellets for evaporation, Slugs in any shape, dimension and metal requested.

The strong point of 88Labware is the customized assistance: from development to production and to after-sales service, every step is followed by 88Labware technicians in order to provide our customers with a perfect “tailored” product.

88Labware and Platinum products treatment: an additional service is the recovery of platinum contained in used crucibles. The refined precious metal can be used for further production of new crucibles or purchased by 8853 S.p.A. at metal actual market price.

The quality system of 8853 S.p.A. complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV. 8853 S.p.A. is also a member of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) which guarantees the use of "conflict free" metals.

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